Top 10 recession proof money management techniques

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1. Reduce costs

First of all, it relates to goods that are not included in the list of basic life necessities. Keep records of what you buy, where and how much you pay for those goods. Review the list of purchases at the end of each month and cross out  unnecessary items.

2. Save money
Start to save money for unforeseen expenses.  Analysts recommend  to save around 10% of monthly income. Make sure that you automatically deduct the amount from your salary to avoid temptation of spending it. Postpone a small amount for entertainment – the nerve cells do not recover.
3. Look at all the services you use
Perhaps you do not really need the rate of cellular communications, with the possibility of sending an unlimited number of text messages, unlimited internet bandwidth, which can be used only for limited purposes and so on. In any case, surely there are services for which you pay, but not fully use.
4. No debt
Under no circumstances go in debt. Use credit only as  THE last resort. Think before you make a step towards the debt.
5. Think about the future
Despite all the financial problems, do not forget to put off money for retirement. Think about your future and the future of your family.
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