Top 10 Internet Scams to be Wary About

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6. Nigerian Scams/419

This scam is one of the most common.  It uses emails to steal money from people by using some tall tales of proposed sharing scheme involving millions of dollars.


7. PayPal Scam

This scam uses a fake notice that they send through email advising the recipient of the impending expiration/deactivation of their Paypal account.  You are then instructed to click a link where you will be required to share sensitive information.


8. Auction and Shopping Scams

These are rigged auction online used to lure you to buy a dud item or worse nothing at all in exchange for your money.


9. Domain Name Scams

The scammer sends you a bogus renewal advisory for your domain name, and lure you to make payment.


10. Freebies Scams

This scam lures you to give sensitive credit card information in exchange for some “free” items.

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