Top 10 Worst Volcanic Eruptions

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6. Mt. Vesuvius, Italy, AD 79 – Death Toll: 10000 plus


It is one of oldest recorded volcanic eruptions which leveled the Roman towns of Herculaneum and Pompeii. It lasted for 19 hours and dumped and left Pompeii buried in 10 feet of ash.


7. Laki Volcanic System, Iceland, 1784 – Death Toll: 9350


It persisted with almost a year of explosion leaving a dusty haze which led to serious food shortages. Death toll was mainly attributed to widespread starvation.


8. Mt. Vesuvius, Italy, 1631 – Death Toll: 6000


This active volcano has had almost a dozen explosions following the major eruption in AD 79. The 1631 eruption swamped the surrounding towns with hot lava which was accompanied by the ejection of boiling water.


9. Mt. Kelut, Indonesia, 1919 – Death Toll: 5110


This major volcanic activity of Mt. Kelut resulted to the death of many people due to the mudslides that happened during the eruption.


10. Mt. Galunggung, Indonesia, 1882 – Death: 4011


This devastating volcanic eruption left a path of widespread destruction and death to an estimated 4011 individuals.

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