Top 10 Worst Dictators

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6. Hugo Chavez, Venezuela

He is one of the most controversial head of states, a position he has held since 1999 in Venezuela.  In his election campaigns, Chavez promised to help the poor by eradicating illiteracy, providing access to universal and free health care and education. Furthermore, he promised to implement social programs which would benefit the working class, such as pensions.   Most of his promises have not been fulfilled. In fact, Freedom of the World reports that Venezuela has seen a decline in civil liberties since Chavez took power.


7. Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan


Is in power since 1999 – After seizing power after a bloodless military coup, Gen. Pervez Musharraf installed himself as President. His government is precariously engaged in the development of a nuclear program. Opposition to the government is considered as crime committed against the state.


8. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran

This man is the sixth President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a position he has held since 2005. He is a hotly debated figure in politics both domestically and internationally. He has been criticized for his blatant disregard to human rights as well as his lapses on economic issues. A Human Rights Watch report stipulated that the treatment of prisoners being detained has worsened in detention centres like Evin Prison. On the domestic front, he has been criticized for attacking plunderers and corrupt officials.


9. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe


Is in power since 1980 – The quality of life and security has deteriorated immensely since Robert Mugabe assumed power. Press freedom is curtailed and opposition is outlawed.


10. Teodoro Obiang Nguema, Equatorial Guinea


Is in power since 1979 – Teodoro Obiang Nguema and his family continue to wield power and influence as they remain as the main beneficiaries of the countries vast oil reserves. His government commits torture and other human rights abuses to stifle any resistance to his absolute control of the country.

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