Top 10 Most Expensive Home Gadgets

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Here is the list of top 10 most expensive home gadgets created by modern technology.


1. YALOS Diamond LCD by Keymat, $190000


This has got to be the ultimate symbol of domestic opulence. It is adorned with 160 diamonds accentuated with a gold trim.


2. Cabasse Speakers La Sphere, $150000


This is a technology advanced speaker system manufactured by French company Cabbase. Its acoustic is based on the patented design known as the eye.


3. Hydro Physio Lifestyle, $70000


This is the health and fitness contraption of the future and has been the acknowledged standard for water-based body fitness and exercise regimen.


4. From Bed With Love by Nicolas Mélan, $50000


It is regarded as the James Bond’s bed. This technological marvel features a unique lunimotherapic light installed in the bed head. It comes with a plasma screen, a DVD and a surround-THX system.


5. Red Diamond Bathtub, $47200


It is the most expensive bathtub ever made, and has pretty interesting elements. Its features include two waterproof HDTVs, GSM remote control, console with massive gold frame 42 g; 18 k and Swarowski crystals.


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