Top 10 Modern Gadgets for 2009

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Let us have a look at the top 10 techie gadgets which are expected to dominate the consumer market.


1. Optoma Pico PK-101


This has got to be the coolest gadget to date. It is a mini-projector. All you have to do is plug this small gizmo into your iPod and you have your own personal projector where crisp video images are projected on a wall.


2. LaserVue 65-Inch HDTV by Mitsubishi


If you are willing to dig deep into your pocket for the TV that uses cutting edge technology, then this is the best gadget that your money can buy. This is the first TV that truly uses laser in its display and has the widest range of colors in the market today. On top of these features, this is also an energy efficient technological marvel.


3. iPhone 3G by Apple


This is the ultimate convergence of all ICT utilities. This modern gadget has incorporated over 10000 applications that include on-demand GPS and motion-sensitive accelerometer.


4. D90 Digital Camera by Nikon


This is a modern gadget that is a single lens combination of reflex and HD video camera. This is the way to go if you are looking for the latest upgrade of both your still photo camera and video camera.


5. FoxL Speaker by Bluetooth


This is your ultimate sound blast device in a pocket size version. It is used for MP3 player and for your hands-free system of communication installed in your car. It can be tethered to your cell phone by remote and is equipped with its built-in microphone for a hands-free mobile communication while you are on the road.


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  • Jazmine Hall

    Hey thats so cool but to much money, Money Doesn’t grow on trees tech. it does but ne-way to high but good luck on selling it

  • Akira Yuki Nagato

    Thanks a lot guys. I was just planning to buy myself a new PS3. Hope you enjoy every second of your life too. Like me.:)

  • Marshall Yafai

    today´s suggestion in technology pretend experience so overmuch easier than it was before, but experienced grouping lean to acquire difficulties in accepting and intellect such discipline

  • jessa

    so expensive!!!wish i have money to buy all that gadgets!!!I’ll just wait until that gadgets become cheaper!!!

  • Seema

    @ jessa: agreeing with u jessa….hope it soon gets cheaper..:-)