Top 10 Most Influential People that Never Existed

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fictional-peopleLet us take a close look at the list top 10 most influential characters who have had significant influence in our lives in one or the other.

1.    Romeo and Juliet – We might put part of the blame on them for our skewed idea of a “perfect relationship” and also on the increasing number of divorces.

2.    Big Brother – This fictional character of George Orwell is a relatively new addition to the list and must be included in view of his being dragged into various social protests that are being staged.

3.    The Little Engine that Could – This is all about the moral values that are associated with hard work, optimism and self-belief. This is regarded by many people as the metaphor of the “American Dream.”

4.    Icarus and Daedalus – Our need and quest to conquer the skies all started with the tale of Daedalus and his son Icarus and their lust for the sky and flying.

5.    Rosie the Riveter – She is more popular by her looks than by her name. She personifies the women’s quest for recognition and respect from the society. Rosie became the rallying figure in motivating an entire generation of working women to get out of the home and help in the war efforts during the Second World War.

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