Top 10 Most Common Causes of Accidental Deaths

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Let us have a look at the top 10 most common causes of accidental deaths which are oftentimes the result of errors in judgment and simple miscues.


1. Car Crashes, 43,200 fatalities a year

The obvious big winner as far as fatal accidents are concerned. Looking at the impressive numbers would convince us that it is better to travel by plane. It is a lot safer than driving to town.


2. Accidental Falls, 14,900 fatalities a year

We may enjoy watching them on TV. However, these simple mishaps can lead to serious injuries and even deaths as the statistics have clearly shown.


3. Poisoning by liquids or solids, 8,600 fatalities a year


These are common fatal accidents due to many hazardous and poisonous materials that surround us particularly at the home front. It will also include other items such as mushrooms, shellfish, etc.


4. Accidental Death by Drowning, 4,000 fatalities a year

These fatal accidents involve all sorts of mishaps like boat accidents, and all imaginable accidents that can happen while bathing, swimming or simply playing in a pool, etc.


5. Accidental Deaths from Burns and Fires, 3,700 fatalities a year

Serious injuries and deaths may be the result of fires and other related mishaps like smoke inhalation, falling while escaping from the fire and sitting through a back draft.


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  • stephpd

    Don’t know where you get your facts but they are way off.
    From the CDC:

    1) auto-43,664
    2) poison-27,531
    3) fall-20,823
    4) unspecified-6,345
    5) suffocation-5,912
    6) Drowning-3,579
    7) Environment-3,202
    8) other spec.- 1,588
    9) other land transport-1,492
    10)other transport-1,454

    Firearms aren’t and haven’t been in the 10 causes of accidental death for over 20 years, if ever. All the other causes in the top 10 have always beaten out firearms since 1981, according to the CDC

  • admin

    Thank you for your comments, however the reference contains data up to 2006.