Top 10 Longest Running American TV Shows

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Let us take a close look at the top 10 record setting American TV programs that have remained strong and stayed on air the longest in the program category.


1. Meet The Press, NBC


Meet The Press is an extremely popular morning program with a talk show format that formally started airing in November of 1947. It is considered as the longest running talk show in modern broadcast history worldwide.


2. CBS Evening News, CBS


The CBS Evening News initially aired in August of 1948 with Douglas Edward as anchorman. It is now considered as the flagship program of CBS which has had uninterrupted airing for 61 years.


3. Guiding Light, CBS


This soap opera initially started with NBC and later transferred to CBS in June of 1952. It is considered as the longest running daytime soap drama. Guiding Light is currently in its final season and will be on television for 57 years.


4. Pro-Bowler Tour, ESPN, Fox, ABC and CBS


This sports event was originally telecast in 1962 and it became the single reason for the continued popularity of Pro bowling in the US especially during the 60s up until the 70s. The event has lost its popularity since then, but it has still been on air for 47 years.


5. General Hospital, ABC


General Hospital is considered as the longest running TV program that is filmed in Hollywood. This daytime soap was started in April of 1963 and has been a banner program of ABC for 46 years.


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