• bob

    is this guy real???

  • hoolio

    omg… he is real bob

  • Cisco

    Dude that is disgusting and disturbing

  • Adabiel

    it’s cool, but then very disturbing…it looks like something sci-fi like, just cause of the way it’s spread out on the neck…0.0

  • ….. i wonder how the europeans dealt with it 0_o

  • http://www.chrispaynemakeup.com Chris Payne

    In my opinion, I’m almost certian this is makeup.

  • Galifrey

    No I am sure it is real. But it looks like something out of Stargate

  • tiedy girl

    its real cuz im doing this research on it and thts pretty much wht happens.if i had a website id show yall all the info but i dont so sorry but its a lot

  • Grig

    This Is So COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 😮

  • Hockey-Rulz

    It’s Make Up But It’s Soooooo Cool!!!!!!!!!! :):):):)

  • Ptolemy

    As a pro makeup artist I can assure you all that this is makeup.

  • Maria

    no its clearly not makeup……u cant get that shiny affect with makeup….just sayin :)

  • Placebo FX

    No, this is makeup. You can see the edges of the prosthetic, and the veins are blatantly painted on. It’s good makeup, I like the bruising, but it’s still makeup. Maria: That “shiny affect” is a ridiculously easy effect to achieve. You can use castor oil, or a professional product called “Ultra Wet”.

  • DoesItMatter?

    COOLL (:

  • WhoCares?

    It’s not make up, it’s real. There have been multiple cases and all of them had the same reaction to the plague, within the last four years. I’ve been researching for many months since I found out it was required to type a six page research paper for college…and what more to type it on than something I whitnessed, locally?

  • Angela

    It’s actually a painting believe it or not.


    It appears to be a deadly Viral infection, im pretty sure that it kills within hours and the infected appear to look dead (Zombies)