Top 10 Amazing Facts About Salt

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You may think you already knew everything about common salt. After reading our list of top 10 interesting trivia about salt you will learn how mistaken you are as far as interesting things about the salt is concerned.




Up until the 20th century, bars of salt were used as the medium of exchange in Abyssinia, now known as Ethiopia.




The world renowned Salar de Uyuni which is found in Bolivia can be used for the calibration of scientific devices from outer space. This salt plain also contains half of the global supply of lithium.




Salt is essential for our survival. If we drink too much water and flush out our body’s supply of salt, this can lead to death as a result of hyponatremia.




Too much consumption of salt is harmful and can even be fatal. The ratio of 1 gram salt for every kilogram body weight is enough to kill a person.




A sea salt of good quality must contain other minerals that are essential to our body.


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