Top 10 Common Fallacy About Modern Technology

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Let us have a look at the top 10 modern technology misconceptions and make the proper clarification to dispel these unfounded notions about these things.


1. The Web refers to the Internet

This misconception tops our A list of technological falsehoods. Actually, the Web would not function without the Internet. The Internet is the application that enables the existence of the Web.


2. Planes dump their wastes while airborne

Planes do not dump their waste material while on flight. This is impossible as doing so would have catastrophic results.


3. The first video game created was Pong

Computers are older that many of us think and there was another game that was created 20 years before Pong was introduced by Atari. It was named OXO and was played on a computer named EDSAC.


4. The Autobahn was created by Adolf Hitler

Contrary to popular belief, the Autobahn was not created by Adolf Hitler. The concept of the Autobahn was developed by Konrad Adenauer who was the Cologne mayor in 1931 a full 2 years before Hitler assumed the Chancellorship of Germany.


5. Apple Macs are not affected by computer viruses

Macs may not be as vulnerable to most computer viruses but there are some viruses that can affect them. There are Macro viruses that can affect MS Excel and Word documents and these can also harm Mac computers.


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