The World’s Best 10 Beaches to See

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Beaches have always been near the number one spot when it comes to spending one’s time when on a holiday – there is the vast ocean, sun and sand, lots of beautiful women and men, and plenty of other gifts from Mother Nature. In this edition, we present some of the most beautiful beaches around the world in terms of natural beauty, quality of rest and overall standards of services.

1. Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia


Globally recognized as one of the best beaches of Australia, Whitehaven Beach is situated on Queensland’s Whitsunday Island. The magnificent pearly sands are made up of small coral pieces from the Great Barrier Reef over thousands of years of being churned and crushed by the waves.


2. Beaches of Mauritius, Africa

Mauritius is a very popular tourist spot only because it has several stunning beaches to laze on.  A coral reef surrounds the islands enabling adventure sports such as snorkeling. The good news is that some of the hottest girls can also be found on the beaches of Mauritius.


3. Sanur Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Replete with resorts and bikini clad tourists, Sanur Beach has a name for being one of the most beautiful beaches of Asia. Relaxing beneath a palm tree here is enough to rejuvenate stressed minds.


4. Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico

Bahias de Huatulco is one of the most calming beaches as it still protected from large tourists crowds. As the beaches are hard to reach, you will have to usually explore for hidden nooks, distant from the ’spring break’ youngsters who crash on other Mexican beaches.


5. Praia do Rosa, Brazil

Brazil is the land of beautiful beaches, and Praia do Rosa is one of the finest. Snuggled in a crescent-shaped bay, it has golden yellow sand dunes, beautiful people surfing and romantic getaways.


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