Top 10 Business Lies

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If you intend to survive in the highly competitive world of business then you have to keep your gullibility in check at all times. You must develop the ability to see through all those corporate gobbledygook and see things as they are. Here is our list of top 10 lies in the business world that you should be wary about when conducting business with others.


1. Conservative Projections


There is no such thing as conservative projections as far business figures are concerned. Chances are you will be given a padded figure just to give you the impression that the deal is great and that you should grab their business proposal hook, line and sinker.


2. Rosy Market Projections


In most instances, market forecast done by consulting firms are used to paint a positive outlook in the market notwithstanding the potential of the product or service being considered. It would be best for investor to be prudent with the way they consider this positive market outlook.


3. Upcoming Major Deals

Major Deals

Don’t ever believe any outright declaration of impending deals in the offing. In most instances, these upcoming deals will remain as such and these are just being presented to you in order to create an impression that their business is about to take off which actually is not the case.


4. Impending or Ongoing Business Expansion


This is another line resorted by a lot of individuals in order to convince others to take on their business proposal. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In fact, the chances of future expansion hinges on your decision on the proposal that they are presenting to you.


5. Pioneering or Innovative Business Concept


This is a no-brainer and once such declaration is made during a business transaction it would be wise for you to rethink your position. Once someone declares that they are the first to introduce something, it may mean that it could be something that is untested and, therefore, can be considered high risk. It may also mean that it does not have much potential that no other company is even considering such business proposal.


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