Top 10 Greatest Movies with Apocalyptic Theme

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One of the most jarring and strongest themes of movies are those that delve on end-of-days scenarios. There are a slew of both blockbusters and forgettable movies that have gone through this route of giving us a view of how the post-apocalyptic life would look like. Let us take a look at the list of Top 10 greatest apocalyptic movies of all time.


1.  Mad Max Series


Majority of the present crop of post apocalyptic movies of today are largely inspired by the success of the Mad Max movie series. Its strong presentation of the destructive elements of mankind is one significant concept that has endured the changes in our times. Its theatrical formula and melodramatic character have made the Mad Max movies as one great opportunity of looking at how mankind has gone so wrong in bringing destruction to his world.


2. Children of Men


This judgment day movie is unarguably one of the greatest films of the past decade. This movie production conveys a message that despite the seemingly hopeless and dire situation that mankind is in, we can still have all the reasons to be hopeful. This movie is not awash with special effects and hits the bull’s eye with the powerful performance of the central character; Theo. Children of Men is a showcase of both the bright and dark sides of mankind.


3. 12 Monkeys


This is somewhat a bizarre glimpse at what the future will bring for mankind. It had gained reputation as a bit too cerebral for the ordinary moviegoers. Nonetheless, this movie easily makes the mark as one good scary, entertaining and, yes, intelligent movie. The movie plot revolves around the struggles of the main character, James Cole played by Bruce Willis in order to save humanity as he breaks the time barrier in finding answers about the puzzle involving the end of mankind.


4.  Day of the Dead


This is one of the movies that successfully makes to our A list by virtue of the graphically destructive demise of the human race. It successfully delivers the cryptic image of a world that has gone bad with the gory and blood-curdling details.


5. Invasion of the Body Snatchers


The movie paints a nightmarish scenario of alien taking possession of the human race. It has all the requisite heart pounding scenes of a movie that follows a story plot of alien possession and invasion. People are in agreement that this movie is eerily an unnerving film in the truest sense of the word.


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