Top 10 Gruesome Torture Devices of Medieval Times

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Torture is considered as one of the most abominable acts of men since time immemorial. It is an ancient hideous practice that remains up to the present times. Torture is done for interrogation, deterrence and punishment. In this article, we will be looking at the list of Top 10 gruesome torture devices of medieval times. While several of these torture devices can cause untold pain and instant death, we must remember that we have in our midst modern torture devices which can bring untold pain but for a longer time period.

1. Crocodile Shears

Crocodile Shears

The crocodile shears was widely used as torture device during the latter part of medieval era and were commonly used on regicides. These are the criminals who have made attempts of assassinating the king. A super heated crocodile shear is applied on the erect penis of the victim and with sufficient tension will result to the tearing off of that part of the human anatomy. Those who are lucky enough to save their manhood, however, end up with severe arterial bleeding.

2. Breast Ripper

Breast Ripper

This gruesome torture device was primarily used for interrogation and punishment of prisoners. This is widely used then to mark the breast of single mothers. Those women suspected of heresy, adultery, blasphemy, abortion and other acts considered inimical by the inquisitors suffer the painful experience of their breast being torn off by the red hot breast ripper.


3. Lead Sprinkler

Lead Sprinkler

The lead sprinkler is basically a ladle with a handle. The upper half of the ladle sphere can be detached and filled up with molten metal or boiling tar, pitch or water. The contents are then poured on the pinioned and hapless victim.


4. Choke Pear

Choke Pear

This torture device was used in rectal and oral formats, and in extreme cases, in the vaginal area. They are forced into these orifices of victims and are forcibly expanded to the maximum aperture segments.


5. Spanish Donkey


This torture device consists of a main board that is cut into wedge at the top and is fastened to a pair of cross beams. The naked victim is place astride atop of the main board as if riding a donkey while weights are placed on the victim’s feet.

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