The World’s Top 10 Restaurants

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Every year “Restaurant” magazine brings out a list of the Top-50 restaurants in the world, based on a poll conducted by them among renowned chefs and food critics. Here are the Top 10 among them.


1. The Bulli, Spain
The-Bulli-Restaurant-SpainThis small restaurant in Catalonia in Spain, is open only from April to October, and takes bookings only on a single day in October for the next season. A pioneer in Haute Cuisine, it specializes in imaginative and experimental cuisine. It has topped the list for the best restaurants in the world 4 years in succession.


2. The Fat Duck, England
The-Fat-Duck-EnglandThis is considered by many to be England’s finest restaurant. Here Chef Heston Blumenthal creates dishes which combine science and research with psychology and diners choices. Not quite traditional English cuisine, nevertheless it is only one of 3 restaurants which have been awarded 3 stars by Michelin Guide.


3. Noma, Denmark
Noma-Restaurant-DenmarkA restaurant that specializes in Nordic cuisine, this renowned restaurant is run in an old warehouse on the waterfront in Copenhagen. Chef Rene Redzipi have adapted upon classical Scandinavian/Nordic cuisines and produced some great dishes.


4. Mugaritz, Spain
Mugaritz-SpainAnother Spanish restaurant specializing in Haute Cuisine which has consistently been in the Top 10 list. Here chef Andoni Luiz Aduriz  is less flamboyant than most other renowned chefs, but has moved away from traditional, dull and orthodox food.


5. El Celler De can Roca, Spain
el-celler-de-can-roca-spainRun by three brothers in Catalonia in Spain, it boasts of a state-of-the-art kitchen, an astounding wine cellar, a new dining space built with organic natural materials and of course, superb food.


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  1. S Lloyd

    I believe there could be a 90% popular conscensus for the top 5, then pass that you drop at 60 % of conscensus. El Bulli deserves the top of the listing, not because ALL their food is great (how could it be on such an epic multi-course service??), but because it is the most daring of them all. Because El Bulli is a moving gastronomic experience that outstand all it’s competitors, I truely believe that they deserve to be the #1. Fat Duck is in same line: daring, moving, experimental so YES for it at #2. Noma, I am fine with it at the very top, but as #3…not too sure though. Mugaritz and El Celler: Never been to both and am feeling bad about that because if they are rated that high, there might be something to discover from them. Hopefully I will have the good fortune to fill that gap soon.


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