Top 10 Life Important Brands

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These brand names and related products have made our lives so easy, it is difficult to imagine a life without them. In fact, some have become so common and regular in daily use that we forget the fact that they are specific brand names and not generic terms for that particular product.  Some of these will change as new generations come into prominence, since priorities and technologies change. But there are the top ten ones which have stood the test of time so far:


1. Coke


It is believed that after “Hello” Coke is the most commonly used word in English. It is the shortened form of the brand name Coca-Cola and is used to signify their aerated drink rather than the company itself. However, in common parlance Coke is name which is associated with all black aerated drinks (much to Pepsi’s mortification!)  It has spread its wings all over the world and most modern children and adults cannot visualize a world without it.


2. Cadbury


The term chocolate has become synonymous with Cadbury. One of the original chocolate makers in the world, Cadbury is based in the United Kingdom but is sold worldwide. Often you will hear children asking for a Cadbury rather than a chocolate – even though they may eventually choose to eat some other branded chocolate.


3. Microsoft


Was there a world before Microsoft?  Windows as an operating system for computers seems to have become an essential part of everyone’s lives. Worldwide, Microsoft has replaced Coke as the best known brand. It is now being given a run for its money by other operating systems, but it will be sometime before we remove it from its prime slot.


4. Google


Every internet surfer’s best friend – Google has transformed the world of research and knowledge gathering. There were search engines before it, but now searching for information on the internet has been termed as googling by some. Its amazing technological innovations have made life so much easier for all of us.


5. Xerox


This brand name is no longer in the forefront, but there was a time when all photocopying processes were known as Xeroxing. Even though they make many other products apart from photocopiers – somehow, since they were the innovators, they have become synonymous with photocopiers.


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