Top 10 Nightlife Cities of the World

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6. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Ireland

Dublin is not only the capital of the country but also the central party location of Ireland. The stylish cocktails of the city have always described the nature of the city. Drinking and dancing of this city has always been top class and the city has a lot of clubs and bars.

7. Moscow, Russia

Moscow Russia

Moscow from the time when communism went down has been a favorite spot for partying. The flavor of vodka and the cash flowing in the city makes it a hot spot for partying. Moscow is most famous for its late night parties.


8. New York City, New York

New York City

New York City is known as the city which never sleeps. The same is applicable with the partying scenario of this city. The music and drink bars and pubs has been the major attraction of the city. The city is very adaptive in case of the changing trends of partying.

. Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya Thailand

The usage, ‘city of the sin’ is most apt to the city of Pattaya. It is famous for the ’working girls’ and the massage parlors. The exotic Thai massages are famous all over the world.

10. Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta Indonesia

If you are looking for a wild day out, you must go to Jakarta. Clubs has been the life of the city and the major source of entertainment to tourists. All those sins which can be done in your favorite nightlife spots blend together and form the late night parties of Jakarta.

What are you waiting for, go get your ticket for the favorite nightlife spot.

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