Top 10 Life Changing Inventions of All Times

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6. Airplane


The continents would have continued to live in isolation without this means of travel. The world has now become closer and more compact ever since airplanes began flying across water and land.


7. Steam Engine

Steam Engine

An invention which has now been phased out and been given the tag of an antique, the Steam Engine made a tremendous impact on our lives while it was there. It made land transport easier, and it spearheaded the Industrial Revolution.


8. Laser


Medical Science owes a lot of its phenomenal progress to the invention of laser. It has made micro- surgery possible, and made CD players and laser printers household items.


9. Telephone


The telephone definitely deserves to be on this list due to the communication barriers that it broke. The ability to talk to anyone, anywhere at any time is something we value tremendously in our lives and this would not have been possible without a telephone.


10. Internal Plumbing

Internal Plumbing

We use it frequently, we consider it to be the best seat in the house and it provides us a lot of comfort.  Without it we would still be using a hole in the ground in our backyard, or filling containers from sources of water outside our homes.

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