Top 10 Significant Facts About Dreams

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For those who are dreaming to learn more amazing facts about our dreams, this article that presents the list of top 10 most interesting facts about dreams can not come at more opportune than now.


1. The body is paralyzed when one is asleep

paralyzed  while sleeping

Most people are not aware that our body is momentarily paralyzed when one falls asleep. This probably happens to prevent us from acting out our dreams and reduce the possibility of hurting ourselves.

2. Our dreams can be affected by external stimuli

sleeping external stimuli

This condition is defined by the process known as Dream Incorporation. This is what we experience in our dreams after reacting from an external stimulus like sound. This is incorporated in one way or the other and become a distinct element in our dreams.

3. Heavy smokers who have recently kicked the habit experience more vivid dreams

sleep smoking

Those individuals who have been smoking for a long time and have recently kicked the habit of smoking reported to having much more vivid dreams than when they were still into smoking. In most of these dreams, they see themselves indulging in the habit of smoking.


4. Dreams are not what they seem to be


Dreams are, in general, symbolic. One must see through these dreams to unravel their meanings. Your unconscious mind tends to compare your dream to something that is totally different from what it literally stands for. It can be described as the metaphoric representation of our inner thoughts.


5. Dreams does not always come in vivid color


There are about 12% of dreams that come as black and white. The rest come in full color. In most instances, people have a fixed or consistent theme in their dreams.

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