Top 10 Women Leaders of the 20th and 21st Centuries

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6. Eva Peron –  Wife of the President of Argentina
Eva Peron

The second wife of President Juan Peron, she was a very powerful woman, due to her influence on her husband, and her fight for the rights of the poor and the women of Argentina. She ran the Ministries of health and Labour, and found the first large female political party in her country.


7. Golda Meir  – Prime Minister of Israel
Golda Meir

Termed the “best man in the cabinet” by Daivd Ben Gurion, she was the fourth Prime Minister of the state of Israel. The greatest crisis during her term was the 1973 Yom Kippur War, during which she made the decision to avoid a pre-emptive strike, thereby gaining the approval of her greatest ally, the United States.


8. Sirimavo Bandarnaike – Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
Sirimavo Bandarnaike

The first woman worldwide to become the Prime Minister of a country, she rules Sri Lanka thrice, from 1960 to 1965, 1970 to 1977 and 1994 to 2000. She was the head of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party for 40 years until her death. Her terms saw the country see-saw through good times and bad times, and during her last term she was more popular abroad than she was in her own country.


9. Johanna Sigurdardottir  –  Prime Minister of Iceland
Johanna Sigurdardottir

The first openly gay Prime Minister in the world, she is also Iceland’s first female Prime Minister. A very popular leader, she presides over a coalition of the Social Democratic Alliance and the Left Green movement.


10. Mary McAleese  –  President of Ireland
Mary McAleese

Ruling over a country divided by years of conflict, she has surprised her critics by building bridges and attempting to diffuse tensions all around.


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