Top 10 Food Oddities

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When it comes to food, most of us have our share of interesting facts and trivia, and if we are to compile all of them, we can definitely come up with a complete book. In this article, however, we are going to present the top 10 most amazing facts about food.


1. Lithium in 7-Up


Lithium is commonly used in treating bi-polar disorder. 7-Up was originally positioned as a product for people with hangover largely due to the addition of lithium citrate. The more popular trivia associated with the 7-Up claim that the number “7” is in reference to the atomic mass of lithium and the word “Up” is in reference to the uplifting effects of the lithium citrate.


2. Ancient Sauce



Ketchup was previously known as fish sauce that come from China particularly in the Fujian Region. The word “ketchup” is unerringly similar to two Fujian words – kio-chap and ke-tsap. Historical records indicate that early ketchup in the western region is made out of spices and fish and even mushrooms.


3. Brain Freeze


The word “brain freeze” was coined by 7-11 to describe the pain felt by someone when drinking the slurpee a bit too fast. The condition is characterized by the constriction of the blood vessel when something that is cold comes into contact with the mouth’s upper palate.


4. Banana Trees


The large stem which is commonly thought to be the banana’s trunk is actually known in scientific parlance as a “pseudostem” which literally means fake stem.


5. Vanilla Junkie


Vanilla is considered as moderately addictive as its consumption activates the body to discharge catecholamines which also includes adrenalin. This natural vanilla can be described as a mild upper. Besides this little known effect of the natural vanilla, it was also known to have the ability of controlling various bacterial infections.


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