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Newspapers are one of the oldest means of mass media. Newspapers have a number of advantages over the other mass media types. The most important advantage is that they can be read by almost everyone in any location or condition.  Also you can have more information on a story from a local newspaper than other forms of media such as the TV. The following are the top 10 newspapers in the U.S listed as per its circulation.


1. USA Today
USA TodayA national American Newspaper published by Garnett Company, USA Today was founded by Allen ‘AL’ Neuharth. The paper has the largest circulation of any newspaper in the United States averaging over 2.11 million copies every weekday. It comes second worldwide in terms of English-language broadsheets, behind only the 3.14 million daily paid copies of The Times of India.


2. Wall Street Journal
Wall Street JournalAn English language international daily newspaper published by Dow Jones & Company, the Wall Street Journal has Asian and European editions as well. Until November 2003 it was the largest circulation newspaper in the U.S after which it was surpassed by USA Today.


3. New York Times
New York TimesFounded in 1851 and published in New York City, The New York Times is a daily newspaper. The Newspaper is owned by the New York Times Company which publishes a lot of other newspapers also such as The Boston Globe and The International Herald Tribune.


4. The Los Angeles Times
The Los Angeles TimesThe Los Angeles Times, also called the LA Times is a daily newspaper distributed throughout Western United States. The paper is published in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1881, it is the second-largest metropolitan newspaper in the U.S and the fourth-most widely distributed newspaper here.


5. Washington Post
Washington PostA newspaper with the largest circulation in Washington D.C, The Washington Post is the city’s oldest paper, founded in 1877. The paper gives emphasis to international affairs and national politics as it is released from the nation’s capital.


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    Wonder why Obama 2016 is so suppressed. It is very informative
    and journalistically correct. A great documentary. I am so tired of the bias and opinionated journalism that exists…Do I need someone to think for me ? Hitler died but his ideology lives on
    in Washington today….and turn the table procedures…A movie
    like Obama 2016 is like a breath of freedom still holding up a
    flag for America….to stir thinking.


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