Top Ten Greatest Sporting Comebacks of All Times

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Sporting comebacks have always intrigued common men who often wonder what it takes to emulate the feats achieved by their heroes on the field. Here in this list are ten of the greatest comebacks in sporting history.


1. Lasse Viren in 1972 Olympics
Lasse Viren  1972 Olympics

Lasse Viren entered the 1972 Olympics as an unknown who was given little chance by the critiques to win any medal. Yet in the final of 10,000 mtrs he broke the record of former champion Mohammed Gammoudi and won the race setting up a world record of 27:38:40. Later he won the 5000mtrs as well to prove his detractors wrong.


2. Liverpool vs A.C Milan – Champions League Final 2005
Liverpool vs A.C Milan  2005

Many would perhaps argue that this feat deserved the first place in this prestigious list. At half time it looked as if it was game over for Liverpool as they trailed AC Milan by three goals to zero. But in the second half Liverpool scored three goals in a span of eight minutes and later went on to win the trophy in a dramatic penalty shootout.


3. Goran Ivanisevic – Wimbledon Champion 2001
Goran Ivanisevic Wimbledon 2001

The Croat was on the verge of retiring when he got a wild card entry to Wimbledon in 2001 as he was seeded outside the top 100. Through his sheer will power and never say die attitude, he reached the finals where he encountered Patrick Rafter. In an exciting match, Ivanisevic proved his mettle and for the first time a wild card entry had won the championship.


4. Kelly Holmes – Olympics 2004
Kelly Holmes Olympics 2004

What Kelly Holmes achieved in the summer of 2004, many of us would fail to comprehend. Coming out of clinical depression and worst year of her career, Kelly won the 800m and 1500m gold at an age of 34 to show the strength of human spirit at the greatest stage possible, the Olympics.


5. Manchester United and the Munich air crash of 1958
Manchester United  air crash of 1958

Remembered as one of the greatest tragedies of sporting history, this saga has left many astounded. In 1958 the air plane carrying the Manchester United team crashed, instantly killing seven players and leaving two permanently disabled. Sir Matt Busby, the then manager went into coma. But within a few months a new Manchester United team took up the challenge and regained their status in the football world.


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