Top Ten Most Expensive Movies of All Time

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Movies have been a popular source of entertainment for a long time. Every person has his/her own taste when it comes to films, but some are always going to be better received than others. Many of the most expensive movies that came into existence did not fare well in spite of the sky-reaching costs. Here we shall see the top ten most expensive movies that have been made to date.


1. Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End
Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End

This film was released in 2007 and received good response from the audience, not so much because of a strong story line, but more because of the colourful settings and costumes. The final product cost was about $316.6 million.


2. Cleopatra

This movie was released in 1963 and had a final cost of about $314.6 million. Although it was the second most expensive movie ever made, it was commercially a flop of a film that served as proof of how things can still go wrong in spite of spending massive money.


3. Superman Returns
Superman Returns

This film came out in 2006 and was potentially weak to replace its predecessors.  The total cost went up to $294.6 million, though, so it definitely came out with a bang.


4. Titanic

Released in 1997, the cost on this film went up to about $272.6 million. It performed very well in the box office, though, and broke some attendance records at the time. The major section of the cost was devoted to re-building the titanic with an exquisite appearance to make it identical to the original ill-fated sip.


5. Spider Man 3
Spider Man 3

It was released in the year 2007 and it didn’t manage to pull off as big of a response from the audience like the first two films in the series. In fact, this second sequel cost more than the first sequel. The main reason for this exorbitant $272.6 million cost is the numerous special effects that were a necessity to the third Spider Man, due to the presence of more super villains.


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