Top Ten Ridiculous Patents

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There are some ridiculous patents awarded to some of the inventions that were absolutely ridiculous. In fact, some of the patents were withdrawn after some period of time due to certain reasons. Here we will try to include about ten ridiculous patents that were offered by the USPTO. For USPTO, the patent seeking inventions have to be something new and never before. Also, they should be useful to the community. They don’t consider how crazy it is going to be when patented, but still proceed with the patent offering just like that. Here are some funny patents that will be rib-tickling for you to read.
Some of the top listed crazy patents are as below:

1. Dad Saddle:

Dad Saddle

This particular crazy invention is devoted to dads to carry their grown up children around. The description of this invention has it that while there are bags to carry your newborns and infants, there is nothing that can facilitate you in carrying your grown up children. Hence, this invention concentrates on how a dad can carry his grown up child who can actually walk!


2. Gerbil Shirt:

Gerbil Shirt

This invention allows you to carry your pets “in” your shirt. Instead, it could be better if you took your tiny rodent pet on a walk so that he could get some fresh air and also face some direct sunlight, which would do him, good.


3. Flatulence Deodorizer:

Flatulence Deodorizer

This is nothing but a pad that you need to place between your buttocks. It helps in absorbing the bad odor that arises when you fart. This crazy invention promises to save you from a humiliating situation when in public. Hope they had realized that the slightest revealing of the pad can cause much more humiliation to the one who is wearing it.


4. Device to Sense if a Pedestrian Was Hit:

Device to Sense Pedestrian Hit

This craziest patent can be installed in your car’s bumper. It is nothing but a sensor that senses if the thing you hit was a pedestrian or not. Why is it even needed when the person is already hurt? This is supposed to be the silliest inventions that ever got patented.


5. Animal Ear Protector:

Animal Ear Protector

If your dog has long ears and it always falls into the dog food when he or she is eating, then you might probably consider these animal ear protectors, which are nothing but tubes that hold their ears in place. Plain funny!


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