Top Ten Ridiculous Patents

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6. Incessantly Kicking a Person’s Buttocks:

Incessantly Kicking a Person’s Buttocks

This patent is designed to kick a particular person under target continuously through a mechanism that does in successive durations. If anybody liked to get kicked, they can definitely manufacture this device!


7. Animal Toy:

Animal Toy Invention

This invention holds a stick as the toy for your pets! In fact, that particular person who filed for patent is trying to get the stick patented! This is absolutely ridiculous.


8. A Person can Act as a Bike:

no frame bike patent

This invention has it that between the two wheels, the body of the person who is riding the vehicle becomes the connector. Also, it claims to be one of the best exercising equipment. Nevertheless, if he falls, he will lose something more important than the calories!

9. Baby’s Bottom Art?

Baby’s Bottom Art

Nothing can get worse than dipping your baby’s butts in a paint bucket and placing it again on a sheet of paper to create memories!


10. Banana Suitcase:

It is a device that helps in carrying your banana fruit safely. When you can just eat the whole thing right away, where is the need for a case that can hold just “one” banana in it.


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