Top 10 Strength Training Exercise Picks

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When it comes to exercises, there are specific exercises for reducing your tummy, butt, strengthening muscles etc. The following are the top 10 strength training exercise picks.


1. Barbell Bench Press

Barbell Bench Press

This exercise is a great compound movement as it works multiple muscle groups and activates the triceps, shoulders and chest.


2. Dumbell Incline Chest Press

Dumbell Incline Chest Press

This movement is the best chest exercise as it stimulates the upper pectorals. You can have a well developed upper chest by doing this exercise as it gives an almost Herculean look. This exercise can also be done with dumbbells as this will let you contract the pecs completely as opposed to the limitation imposed when performing it with a bar. This is also a great exercise for females.


3. Barbell Deadlift

Barbell Deadlift

This exercise lets you build overall strength and for developing the hard-to-reach lower back muscles. The barbell deadlift helps to stimulate the lower body when performed correctly. However this is a difficult exercise which can be taught by a trained professional only.


4. Chin-Ups


You can undertake this movement for developing a strong and spectacular back. It affects the forearms, biceps, deltoids and almost the entire back. In this movement you will be pulling your own body weight up to the bar and the weight of your body will not be evenly distributed.


5. Barbell Squats

Barbell Squats

This is a great lower body movement and is quite difficult to pursue. It will leave you gasping for breath when done correctly. The barbell squat develops the legs and is effective using low reps (4-8) or high reps (no more than 20) depending on your goals.


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