Top 10 Beers of the World

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6. German Pils


Has pronounced hops and a lighter malt texture even better than the Bohemian Pilsner. The German Pils is the first choice for normal beer drinkers who otherwise prefer mega brews like Coors or Bud. A regular drink that can be had at all times.


7. Paulaner Hefe – Weizen


The best representation of this beer is the Hefe – Weizen and can be easily procured anywhere. It is best consumed chilled and poured into a glass to get the yeast from the bottom of the bottle where it otherwise stagnates. Many Paulaner Hefe-Weizen drinkers prefer to squeeze a lemon into the glass of ale. This can be done for your second round; enjoy the first glass straight out of the bottle to get the original taste.


8. Thunderhead IPA – India Pale Ale


Has a history that is interesting as the beer, which makes it an all time favorite. Until recently the American Hop-Head was the favorite but brewed by Pyramid the Thunderhead IPA – India Pale Ale is a classic version of the American taste in true Indian style.


9. Hoegaarden – Belgium White


A revival of the Belgium White, an unusual wheat beer and the Hoegaarden Belgium White is the perfect concoction of a heady mix of spicy yeast and cloudy white which makes the beer a hot favorite.


10. Chimay Trappist Ales


This is the proud entrant for Trappist Ales. It has a malty heady mixed style and has been certified to be created by monks in Chimay. There are a few variants of the Chimay Trappist Ales but every one of them is accepted.

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