Top Ten Beach Parties

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6. Turquoise at Turquoise Beach Club, Rimini, Italy, every day


This new hotel covers an area of 12,000 square feet and the best part is that the partying is all open-air. The clientele is exquisite too.


7. Super Paradise at Super Paradise, Mykonos, Greece from June to September


Mykonos has always been considered one of the best partying places in the world and with the location and ambience, there is no need to wonder why.


8. Benirras at Benirras Beach, Ibiza, Spain, every Sunday


This is one of the best summer beach parties since the location is the world famous island of Ibiza. There are drumming sessions and warm bonfires to keep the party going on and on.


9. Club 55 at Club 55, Ramatuelle, France from May to September


This place is ridiculously over priced, located in St. Tropez. The fun part about this beach party is that it goes on all day long and there’s everything here from lunches to sumptuous dinners.


10. Full Moon Party at Puro Beach, Palma, Mallorca in June


The name of course, instantly reminds you of the Thailand Full Moon Party but, the crowd here is more Bohemian. A huge swimming pool, a wooden terrace and the Mediterranean complete the picture and the party is all set with people dancing happily on the beach.

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