Largest Underwater Volcanoes

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6. Brothers volcano, New Zealand

This volcano lies 1850 m below sea level and is part of the Kermadec Arc that lies 400 km northeast of New Zealand. The large crate of this volcano is notable formed owing to eruptions more than 50,000 years ago.


7. Kick ‘em Jenny, Caribbean sea

This is an active volcano lying on the sea bed of the Caribbean Sea, to the north of Grenada. There were 12 eruptions from this volcano is 2001. Today, a safety zone near the volcano prohibits scuba divers and snorkellers from going near the area.


8. Barren Island, Andaman Sea

You can find this volcano in the Andaman Sea. This is the only volcano that is still active in South Asia. Most part of the volcano lies below the ocean and its peak can be seen at a height of 354 meters. Its first recorded eruption took place as far back as 1787. Since then it has erupted more than 6 times.


9. South Pacific – Vailulu’u

This volcano in the Samoa Islands rises to a height of 16,400 feet from the sea floor. This volcano is located to the east of Taiu Island and it is said to have emitted smoggy water from its peak recently. In appearance and size this volcano is similar to Mt Fuji in Japan.


10. The Rumble III, New Zealand

Rumble III is a currently extinct volcano which is situated 300 km off the north coast of New Zealand. It is found on the New Zealand – Kermadec arc. It is said that this volcano erupted between 2007 and 2008. There was a wide crater in this volcano in 2007.

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