Top 10 Military Catastrophes

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6. The Battle of Bannockburn


Edward II marched into Scotland in 1314 with an impressive and a large English army. An unsystematic crossing took place over the Bannockburn River by Edward. As the English army was extremely disorganized, Bruce’s army inflicted tremendous losses on that army. Edward lost a major part of his army men in this worst catastrophe.


7. The Battle of Adwa


In 1896, General Oreste Baratieri defeated the Italian army by marching into Ethiopia. His army was improperly organized and they used shoddy equipment including inferior maps. However the Italians faced defeat and Ethiopia which became an independent state.


8. The Battle of Issus


Darius III, in 333 B.C met Alexander in a small war field which ended in favor of Alexander the Great. The Persian forces and vantage points were crushed by Alexander who made Darius flee very quickly. The family of Darius was left behind. This was the foremost defeat of the Persian army led by a King.


9. The Fall of Tenochtitlan


Several factors that were non military in nature such as disease, politics and in fighting were all advantageous to the Spanish fighters. In 1519, over 300 Spaniards went to Mexico and the Aztec Empire was crushed within 2 years following this incident.


10. The Battle of the Wabash


The American force was defeated by natives in the Wabash battle which can be called the worst defeat of the U.S. troops. The army led by General Arthur St. Clair was defeated close to the Wabash River owing to discipline problems. There was complete disaster because many of the troops just fled or hid themselves. Out of the thousand something army, only a little over 40 people survived.

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