Top 10 Handguns

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6. QSZ -92

The QSZ -92 is recoil operated locked breech pistol and uses a rotating barrel locking system. Its country of origin is The Peoples Republic of China. It uses a 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge and is manufactured by Norinco at the Changfeng Machine Shop. It has an effective range of 50m and has a muzzle velocity of 1148 ft per second.


7. M1911 pistol

This is a single-action and semi-automatic handgun created by John M. Browning. It was used by the US army from 1911 and 1985, especially during WWI, WWII and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. It has now risen to become the finest type of the 20th century; making it popular among civilian shooters in competitive events.


8. Mark 23

The Heckler and Koch Mk23 are of German and United States origin and consist of match grade semi automatic pistol, a laser aiming module and suppressor. It is the standard pistol meant for the US Special Forces. It has a short recoil DA\SA action and has an effective range of 50 Ms. It has been in production since 1991 and comes with a 12 round detachable box magazine.


9. HS2000/XD

The HS 2000 is of Croatian origin and is produced by HS Produkt D.o.o. The company’s most successful product HS2000 is a polymer framed semi automatic pistol. It is the standard issue of the Croatian army and is popular amongst the US law enforcement agencies. Furthermore there is grip safety that prevents the pistol from firing without depressing a lever at the back of the grip.


10. SIGP250

The SIG P250 pistol is of mixed American and German origin. It is made by JP Sauer and Son and Sig Sauer Exeter. It is a semi automatic pistol. .whose action is based on recoil operation and comes with a 17 round magazine. It has iron sights with a 147 mm base.



Sweeney, Patrick (2008). The Gun Digest Book of the Glock (2nd ed.). Iola, WI: Krause Publications.


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  • Steven

    @David P.Curcione N.R.A. – You’re talking about the FN Five SeveN 5.7x28mm, right? Yeah, I have no idea how it did not make the cut for this list. This list is off in more than just the omission of the FN Five SeveN, but also the Sig Sauer P226. The P250?!? Man, where is the “History” behind that particular choice?? And as far as Sig’s go, I’ve owned a P226, a P229, and most recently a SP2022.

    “The SIG SAUER polymer framed pistols has earned an enviable reputation and proven track record of reliable performance in the hands of law enforcement professionals. In December of 2004 the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command at the Rock Island Arsenal awarded SIG SAUER a contract for 5,000 SIG SAUER SP2022 pistols chambered in 9mm.” – Sig Sauer Official Website

    I’ve loved every Sig I’ve ever owned. Also every Beretta – including the “px4 Storm”. I imagine I will love the FN Five Seven, when I get my hands on one, as well.

    Overall, weird list.

  • Sandwhale

    This list is BS, I’m with Rufus I could only agree with about three myself.

  • Joe

    Only a complete douche goes for a 50 cal pistol. Sure S&Ws is well made but even so it’s still horribly impractical and complete overkill unless you are somehow face-to-face with a pissed off elephant. Seriously, only douche bags go for BS like that. Most of the rest of the list is questionable, only about two or three I could see deserving of the list, but after seeing the number 2 I realize the kind of person who wrote the list.

  • David P.Curcione

    1 Let Cut down the Number of Handgun Mfgs Companies,Corp,I.N.C to ten Maim Mfg Copanines too!

  • David P.Curcione

    1.Let Cut the Number of Handgun Mfg Names A to Z. to Let Limit it copanines up to Five Main Mfgs only is a Maxium Cap Limit in the U.S.a. too!! The Long Gun Mfgs to Names A.To Z Maxiun Cap limit up to 5 Mfgs in the U.S.A. Rifles & Shotguns Mfgs too! Is Maxium Cap Limit too!

  • moo moo

    Hmmm how about

    1. M1911

    2. Dessert eagle

    3. Glock – 17

  • Fabuloso

    Glock 17 or 18? Beretta 92FS over Beretta 93R? Also why is the 1911A1 so far down the list? where is the Automags, the Hardballers? This list sucks. Also the Sig Sauer P226 is a great gun! I love me some .40 S&W sweetness. I’m also curious where the Colt Delta Elite is? The Mauser C96? Alright guys let’s write a new list!

  • Fabuloso

    *Glock 17 over 18? Also you forgot one more little beauty while were on Handguns, strictly pistols, revolvers should have their own top 10s. But what about the Browning HP-35? Mean little sucker, I’d add that to my list in the other comment if there was a edit button!

  • Fabuloso

    Lastly I’m quite shocked anything from CZ didn’t make the list, they’ve made some fine pistols over the years, then again considering the other omissions I guess I’m not THAT shocked 😛
    Throw in a CZ75B it’ll do ya some good! Also you guys are right the FN Five Seven shoulda def made the list. And the HK USP, always loved that gun. That’s about all the great pistols I can think of. Besides about 4 on the current list.

  • Just sayin’

    What criteria were used to choose the weapons? Were they most sought after, most expensive, most government contracts, most powerful, or most fun to write about?

  • http://!0MostPopularHandguns David P.Curciond

    1.Clock-17,2.Sig-259 Semipistal 3.H.D.2000/XD 4Walter-P-99 4.Mark-23 SemiPistal %.M1911 SemiPistal Semiautomatic 5.QsZ-92 SemiPistal 6.FN.Hersteal Fn/P-9 7.Beretta-92 (9mm too.

  • NOM1

    1. M1911

    2. Sig P210

    3. Glock 17

    4. CZ 75

    5. CZ 99

    6. HK USP

    7. Beretta 92FS

    8. Walter P99

    9. Jericho (Baby Desert Eagle)

    10. MK.23

  • Ammo for Sale

    No Glock 19? I do love my Sig though.


  • clint

    Smith & Wesson .500 S&W Magnum

    Is a hand cannon for men with small penises.

    Granted, I’m old

    My Great Great Grandfathers 1911 has served my family well.
    I’m here today because of it.

  • Miniman

    I think that guns are safe but a Berreta 92 shan’t be on it fam. Peace out mother Fuckers 😀

  • Walther

    CZ 99 is good pistol

  • JamesSmith

    Why are there so many people going for the M1911. Unless it is Kimber, there is not much tactical about it. This is my list:

    10. Glock 22

    9. Browning Hi-Power

    8. Ruger SR9

    7. Sig P229

    6. Beretta M9 (92FS)

    5. FN Five-Seven

    4. Kimber 1911

    3. H&K MK23

    2. H&K USP45

    1. Desert Eagle

  • Kerry

    “The Beretta 92 is of Italian origin. It fires a 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge.” Bullshit. Talking of douchebags and the like, you guys are freaking unobservant as moles. Whoever wrote this story needs to get their eyes checked. Without enlarging the picture even I as blind as I am, can read the stamp on the gun. MOD 92 FS – cal.177/6.5mm I’m thinking that would be a good way to piss off some perps.

  • Anthony DiGiovanni

    The 500 that is stupid , but as they say opinions are like assholes ,every body has one ! This is one choice dumb as it is.

  • Bill Marx

    Best hand guns hands down!!!

    Anything made by Cabot Firearms or Wilson combat,. Period.

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