Top Ten Rags to Riches Stories

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There are so many rags to riches stories which can inspire us in these times of economic downfall and will goad us to struggle through difficult times. Here are the top ten rags to riches stories of all time.


1. Oprah Winfrey


Born to unwed parents in Mississippi, Oprah was brought up by her grandmother who was poor but she did teach Oprah how taught her to read. Academically she was strong and became a great television host. Today, she has her own channel and television show, as well as a magazine.


2. Andrew Carnegie


Andrew Carnegie was a poor boy from Scotland who became a great person during the industrial age. His family went through great financial crisis and Andrew worked as a telegraph messenger in America. He made investments in the railroad companies, and then proceeded to invest in the steel industry. Finally he started his own steel company.


3. Jim Carrey


Born in Ontario, Canada, Carrey wanted to become a comedian. His family went through troubled times financially. Eventually Jim decided to do what he loved doing most – being a comedian. He dropped out of high school and was able to get a part on a play called The Duck Factory. Today he is one of the most highly paid comedians.


4. H. Wayne Huizenga


Born in Chicago, Illinois, Wayne had a troubled childhood. Wayne went to high school and afterwards dropped out of college. He trained to be a part of the Army reserves. Subsequently he returned to Florida, bought a truck built a highly successful garbage business. He is well known for finding three Fortune 500 Companies.


5. Chris Gardner


Chris did not know who his real father was. He soon became a salesman of medical supplies and worked in that position for some time. Soon he took interest in stock broking. His son was a great motivation for him. After getting through the licensing exam, he received a job at Bear Sterns. In 1987, he started his own brokerage firm called Gardner Rich & Co.


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