Top Ten Common Phobias

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Phobia is a very intense and deep fear of some entities such as people, things, circumstances, events etc. The chief symptom of phobia has always been found to be the inane necessity to avoid the object creating the fear.  Phobias are considered to be a kind of anxiety disorder.

The top 10 common phobias in the world today are:


1. Arachnophobia


This is one of the most specific and common kind of phobias today. An unusual fear caused by spiders and other arachnids like scorpions, triggers this kind of phobia. People who suffer from this phobia are extremely ill at ease in places they believe to be infested with arachnids and even though the fear might seem completely irrational to others, there is a completely different reaction triggered in the phobic.


2. Social Phobia


Social phobia has generically been classified into three types – Specific social phobia, social anxiety and social anxiety disorder. In this case, the person suffering from social phobia is completely uncomfortable when it comes to attending a social event like an outing or a party or even public speaking. The main worry of the sufferer here is the scrutiny and evaluation under which he feels he is being placed once out in the public.


3. Aerophobia


The fear of flying when in a flight or aboard an airplane is called Aerophobia. This has been considered to be a symptom rather than a disease in itself. The most extreme reactions in this case could be vomiting or panic and anxiety attacks.


4. Agoraphobia


This phobia is sent in motion when the sufferer is in a situation from where he feels there is no easy means of escape. These people avoid big open spaces like shopping areas, unfamiliar places, airports etc.


5. Claustrophobia


This is the kind of fear evoked by feeling trapped or restricted in small spaces or when the sufferer gets the feeling of suffocation in an area. These people avoid tunnels, small rooms, elevators, cellars, caves etc.


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