Top 10 Home Theatre Systems

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In times of boredom, home theatre systems can help one spend times in an amusing and entertaining manner. You will find them to provide you with hours of excellent audio entertainment.  Since there are so many different models available, what do you decide to buy?  Here is a look at some top 10 home theatre systems:


1. Bose Lifestyle 48 Home Entertainment System


This is a five speaker system that gives some of the most awesome sound effects. This coupled with the fact that it has a DVD/CD surround sound makes it out to be something that’s really great to have around for your parties and fun events. The audio customizes to your room’s acoustics. It has an excellent multi room audio output. Various media format supported by the system include DVD, DVD-R , Video CD , CD-R , CD , CD-RW.


2. Sony BDV-IT1000ES


Sony has always managed to give off the best in sound effects and you get to see this to the maximum level with the Sony BDV-IT1000ES. This system gives off a 700W Total Power and it comes with full-range speaker drive units. One can get quite a blast with this when the mood builds.


3. Onkyo HT-S990THX


The Onkyo HT-S990THX offers exceptional sound quality and effects. This system comes with Seven Large Speakers, XM Satellite Radio, 12-inch Powered Subwoofer, A/V Receiver, which is an overwhelming number of features. Additional features include HDTV video switching, iPOD Dock compatibility and XM Radio.


4. Harmon/Kardon HS 300


This one’s really interesting because it has some of the coolest combination of functions. The sound quality here is simply amazing as it offers a wide range of features for audio entertainment. It comes with a AV receiver, Video player, DVD-Audio player, powered subwoofer and five two-way satellites.


5. Samsung HT-BD2


This system comes with a Blu-Ray player which means you get the best quality sound effects from it. In addition to this, it includes features such as dedicated subwoofer, four speakers, center-channel speaker and rear satellite speakers. All these speakers indeed give off the best quality sound ever.


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