Top Ten DARPA Inventions

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The following are a list of 10 DARPA inventions that have been listed as some of the greatest projects of the Defence Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA). While some of these inventions have been a roaring success, some others are those that have to be watched out for.


1. The Internet

One of the greatest DARPA inventions is the internet. The whole world uses the internet which is used to connect with people in all parts of the world. In 1975, DARPA declared the internet project a success and the Defense Communications Agency took over its management. By 1980 most of today’s protocols such as TCP and IP were stable, and applied throughout ARPANET by 1983.


2. GPS

The global positioning system is another great DARPA invention. It is basically a precise positioning and navigation tool. Today the uses of GPS have encompassed both the commercial and the scientific worlds.


3. Speech translation

Real time interpersonal communication via natural spoken language between people who do not have a common language is made possible through this great invention of DARPA. It helped break communication barriers existing among people worldwide.


4. Stealth planes

This is another great invention of DARPA. Stealth aircraft make use of stealth technology to impede with radar detection and employ other methods to reduce visibility in the audio, visual and radio frequency spectrum. The development of this technology evolved in Germany during WWII.


5. Gallium arsenide

It was found that arsenic can be used for other purposes such as even to operate electronic items. However due to its environmental dangers this may not last long.


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