Top Ten Celebrity Tattoos

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Tattooing has existed for thousands of years and is an ancient form of body art. It has been used in memory of dear ones who have died, to show rank or status, to show signs of bravery etc. Tattooing has caught the attention of the fashion world and everyone has turned towards having tattoos done to make a style statement.


1. Steve-O’s Portrait

Though several people get the portraits of their loved ones done as tattoos Steve-O of Jackass fame had a portrait of himself done on him. In this portrait, Steve-O shows two thumbs up, has a goofy expression and there is the famous quote that reads, “Yeah dude, I rock!”


2. Angelina Jolie -Tiger

Jolie’s tiger was done by an artist in Thailand. He did the tattoo using a manual needle in the traditional method. She has various other tattoos on her body as a means of welcoming her natural and adopted children.


3. Rihanna – Shhh

If Rihanna wishes that you stop talking she just needs to show you her index finger. This is what is signaled by her tattoo on her index finger. The singer’s “Shhh…” tattoo was duplicated by others such as Lily Allen and Lindsay Lohan recently.


4. Johnny Depp- Wino Forever

An American actor and musician, Depp is known for his offbeat eccentric characters. Johnny Depp’s original tattoo read “Winona Forever” in memory of his lady love Winona Ryder. He has currently changed it to read “Wino Forever” after his separation with her.


5. Pam Anderson- Barb Wire

The barb wire tattoo of this Baywatch actress attracted masses who copied the same. Anderson has also acted in an action film by the same name. This type of tattoo design has become famous with both men and women especially for arm bands.


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