Top 10 Largest Databases

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6. Sprint

The telecommunication company has over 50 million subscribers. In the past, it offered long distance packages as well. The records are highly detailed and holds at least 3 trillion rows of database, over 350 call records on a daily basis and 70,000 insertions every second. Sprint is quite notorious and infamous and expands quite rapidly.


7. Google

Google has never made the true size of their database public. However, the type and amount of information found on the website is overwhelming. According to statistics, over 90 million searches are carried out every day. Google has been called the king of internet databases.


8. AT&T

This is similar to Sprint and is the oldest company that deals with telecommunications. It holds over 310 terabytes of information and almost 2 trillion rows- making the call records extremely extensive. In addition to that, one can also find old records. Therefore, if your grandfather ever made a call using AT&T, the company will probably still have the records.


9. National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center

The National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center is the second largest database of the world. It is controlled by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the United States of America. It holds research information related to atomic energy, high energy physics, theories related to various topics, etc.


10. World Data Centre for Climate

This database is controlled and maintained by the German Climate Computing Centre as well as the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology. This database could be examined to find the patterns that led to the severe changes in the climatic conditions.

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