Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs

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Any dog can be dangerous if not properly trained. However, a majority of the following have nasty tempers which make them slightly more dangerous. Check out this list of the top 10 most dangerous dogs.


1. Pitbulls

The Pitbull is undoubtedly the most dangerous dog as declared by the CDC or Centers for Disease Control. These dogs are stocky and muscular and weight about 65 pounds. What makes them dangerous is that when they attack, they target the victims throat and consequently, bring their jaws down.


2. Rottweilers

Rottweilers are extremely territorial, which is what makes them dangerous. These dogs can weigh a maximum of 130 pounds and a minimum of 100 pounds. High-profile businessmen, celebrities and politicians use them as guard dogs.


3. German Shepherds

Germany Shephards are associated with gentleness and tenderness because of various TV shows, like “Rin Tin Tin”. They can weigh about 100 pounds and are loyal police dogs, are family-oriented and serve well as guide dogs. However, if they are not treated well, they can be very cruel and mean. While this holds true for every other animal, fact is that Germany Shepherds are intelligent and very powerful, making them slightly more dangerous than the rest.


4. Huskies

Even though Huskies can be very dangerous, fact is that according to research, only 15 people have died over 20 years. These dogs are so energetic that they are almost hysterical which is why they should be taken for regular walks. They can weight about 66 pounds and are very loyal to the family they belong to.


5. Alaskan Malamutes

Alaskan Malamutes are very intelligent and are devoted to their masters. Like Huskies, they are very energetic and hyper and if one does not give this energy a positive outlet, they can become very aggressive and restless. These dogs weight about 100 pounds and because they are built for the Arctic weather, their coats are very coarse and thick.


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About The Author

  • Rush

    I work with these dogs and as far as animal behavior goes, I am a solid believer in nurture and education. I have met Jack Russell Terriers that I would not go close to once again, but have certainly not had a poor knowledge with an American Staffordshire Terrier. If you are speaking about their owners- nicely, that’s a diverse story. Human beings are animals as well, and we have a tendency to every have our individual strategies about “moral concepts”.

  • HERB

    What are the factors that make a Pitbull supposedly the #1 most dangerous dog?
    Number of overall attacks?
    What are the numbers of pitbulls versus any other dog breed in existance?
    Mutts are largest number of dogs!
    People raising, training, and how they care for any dog is biggest factor how a dog will behave!
    I have been baby sitting my daughter’s Blue Nose Pit for about 6 months. Not one accident in house, not biting other dogs even when confronted, very socialized with children, cats, dogs, and people big and small.
    I see no problem with this breed over any other. In fact I have grown a new respect for this breed. I have seen him have restraint where others probably would not have! Dogs are like kids, just a lot more powerful and behavior is can be like a stubborn teen when they want their way.
    Socializing your animal is paramount!!!!

  • scarlett

    that Great i like it very much and this is just a list of dogs originally bred for hunting, what about the Bedlington Terrier and Shar Pei originally bred as a fighting dogs like the Pit Bull

  • Alvin Kline

    I’m sooo sick of hearing about how bad pit bulls are. The world see’s them this way because the negativity that the media (like this website) portrays them. I just commented on another website and I think I’m going to start a crusade against these haters. Many smaller dogs such as Jack Russel terriers or cocker spaniels are much more tempermental and will bite you much quicker… but oh, now I’ve gone and pissed off owners of those breeds because my comment is just not true huh!?!?!?!?!?! Well, my pitty is the best damn dog in the world, above all the labs and retrievers out there. If I’ve pissed someone off for dissing your breed… WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF LOVING A PIT BULL!

  • Lulu

    Lol! Top 10 most “dangerous” dogs?

    Want to know the #1 most dangerous animal? HUMANS. For their misuse of mother nature and God’s creations and then blaming the wrong person/thing.

  • Willis

    the preso is the worlds most deadliest dog not the pit bull by the way

  • Willis

    ohhh and i own a pitbull and so does 90% of the people in my family and they are the most loving dog out there they only attack when they feel threatoned

  • danielle

    WTF. i have have three pits..none of which are or were EVER mean. they jumped on ur lap and lick ur face. hell, bella (my one now) doesnt even know how to bite! u stick ur hand in her mouth and she licks it..=) this article is bullshit. might i add, just bc a pitbull is “stocky…65 pounds” doesnt make it mean. hell people. get a grip. also get some lessons on how to cite proper sources. dumbass.

  • Rae

    It’s so sad that you simply believe stereotypes and don’t really know much about dogs.

    Bad dogs are only products of BAD OWNERS. Breed has nothing to do with it.

    Please remove this post, as a shelter worker I am highly offended by your accusations against pit bulls and other breeds.

  • Emily Bingham

    I disagree with this list. Pitt Bulls are harmless, as long as raised good.
    Rottwielers are very gentle and freindly.
    German Sheperds are GOOD DOGS. They can be dangerous to people who
    threaten it, or threaten their masters, and are territorial, but They in general only are aggresive when provoked. I agree Chows and Akitas should be on, But not the others.

  • Jon

    I again dissagree I have an Akita she is the most loving dog you could ever meet after walking her last week a preso attacked her she had killed it within two minutes preso s might be vicious but there no were near as tough as Akitas

  • Clare Wilkins

    Has the compiler ever met a Great Dane?!! Large, heavy, exuberant, loving, clumsy, gentle, curious and sociable they definitely are but aggressive, brave and requiring lots of exercise they aint!! Mine sleeps 20 hours out of 24 and is as stubborn and wilful as a pat of melted butter! Do some research!!

  • jacob

    actually, labrador retrievers are responsible for more injuries/deaths than pit bulls. Pit bulls are “dangerous because idiot dog-fighting people trained them that way. Naturally their very loving and the most misunderstood dog species.