Top Ten Amazing Temples

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The following temples are considered to be the most amazing in the world. The list covers different religions.


1. Wat Rong Khun

This temple is located in Thailand and is completely white in color. It is adorned with mosaic mirrors which makes the temple shine. This beautiful temple is still getting constructed and it is said that in another 90 years, it will feature in the List of the Wonders of the World.


2. Shwedagon Pagoda

This temple is located in Mynamar and is also known as the Golden Temple. The structure is all gold and Buddhists use their savings to purchase gold leafs which they then attach to the walls of the temple. The dome holds 2,000 rubies and 5,000 diamonds.


3. Tiger’s Nest Monastery

This temple is located in Bhutan, at the edge of a cliff. It is said that Guru Rinpoche landed on the cliff while he was riding a tigress after which he went on to meditate for years in a cave. This cave can be found in the monastery.


4. Prambanan

This Hindu Temple is situated in Indonesia. It holds 8 large shrines and over 200 other small ones. The walls are covered with writings about Vishnu and Hanuman. These stories also talk about the Ramayana as well as other legends.


5. Temple of Heaven

This Taoist temple is located in Beijing. Every part of this temple is circular in shape which is said to represent Heaven. However, the ground is square and represents Earth.


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