Top Ten Largest Carnivores

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A carnivore is one which eats meat and these animals depend solely on animal tissue for the purpose of extracting nutrients on a day to day basis. The following are the top 10  largest carnivores:


1. Southern Elephant Seal

The Southern Elephant Seal is said to be the largest carnivore to have lived till date. The adult males have large proboscis which they use for making roaring sounds that are very loud. They do so during the mating season.


2. Walrus

While males can weight 2,000 kilograms, females weigh at least 1,200 kilograms. Their necks are extremely thick and can move with the help of all fours. They take the help of their entire body when they swim and do not use their flippers as much. The Walrus is bald and its skin is wrinkled. When they are young, they are brown in color which fades as they grow older.


3. Stellar Sea Lion

This carnivore also goes by the name of the Northern Sea Lion. This species is almost extinct in the northern Pacific. The Stellar Sea Lion is named after Georg Wilhelm Stellar. Their numbers have declined due to unknown reasons in Alaska.


4. Grizzly Bear

The Grizzly Bear also goes by the name of silvertip bear and is native to North America. Grizzlies are said to stay alone along rivers, ponds and streams. The females can give birth to a minimum of one and a maximum of four young which weigh only 500 grams each. A female Grizzly or sow will attack anyone of anything if her cubs are in danger.


5. Polar Bear

Polar Bears are found in the northern part of the Arctic and are said to float on ice floes through the day. While an adult male stands at 8.5 feet and weighs 900 pounds, a female adult will stand at 6.5 feet and weigh 500 pounds. Each polar bear has a black mouth, nose and eyes and off-white fur.


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  • Duram Hales

    Actually your list of largest carnivores is incorrect.
    The #1 largest carnivore is the Blue Whale which feeds almost entirely on small ocean crustaceans called Krill.

  • Wheels

    I think they are attempting to name the largest preditors. Walrus might be but orca and great white shark are much bigger than any of the bears listed.

  • Ixander

    This list is all wrong, I think it’s meant for largest land carnivores, but even still it’s majorly screwed up.

  • Snow

    Pandas aren’t carnivores…they eat bamboo…and maybe occasionally small animals. So if anything, they’re omnivores, and not carnivores.