Top 10 Famous Transgendered People

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A number of laws in the past did not allow women to take part in different events that took place in society which is why they decided to live as men.


1. Brandon Teena

Teena Brandon’s uncle sexually abused her after which she shifted to Richardson County where she decided to live like a man. She befriended Marvin Nissen and John Lotter both of whom were ex convicts who beat her up and raped her after her true sex was revealed. After shooting Brandon, Nissen and Lotter were sentenced to life imprisonment and death respectively.


2. Chastity Bono (Aka. Chaz Bono)

Chastity Bono was born to Cher and Sonny Bono on March 4, 1969. At age 39, Bono (an outspoken lesbian) announced her plan to undergo a female/male transition. In May 2010, Bono legally changed his name to Chaz when the courts recognized his sex change. A documentary film came out in 2011 chronicling the life of Chaz Bono and his sex change process. In May 2011, his mother Cher made a public statement supporting her new found son.

3. Petter Hagberg

Brita Nilsdotter decided to dress like a man and become a part of the army after her husband was called to war. The two were reunited soon after. Her true sex was revealed after she was wounded during a battle. Surprisingly, she was given a license to trade as well as a pension along with a medal.


4. Albert Cashier

Jennie Hodgers took on the name of Albert Cashier in 1862 and became a part of an Infantry Regiment. Her sex was not discovered through the war and she continued to live the same way after as well. After her mind started to give way in a retirement home, her true sex was discovered. Two tombstones with both her names were erected after she died in 1915.


5. Dana International

Born Yaron Cohen in Tel Aviv, Israel, Dana International is a famous living transgendered pop singer. She is famous for her representation of Israel at the Eurovision Songs Contest in 2011 where she sung and performed “Ding Dong”. Ever since s/he was little, Cohen had two aspirations: 1) s/he wanted to be a woman and 2) to become a singer. Her dreams came true as she is the most accomplished Israeli singer living. She has done duets with Barbara Streisand and has released 8 albums and 3 compilations.


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