Top 10 First Generation Billionaires

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These billionaires are self-made and have created standards for professionals in their respective fields. Let us look at the top 10.


1. Bill Gates

Bill Gates is one of the two founders of Microsoft and was the richest man in the world at one point. His fortunes have been estimated at $50 billion, making him the most famous individual in the world who dropped out of college. Microsoft was immensely successful when Bill Gates held the reigns. His charitable foundation, the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” is the second largest in the world.


2. Steve Jobs

When one thinks of Apple, one is always reminded of Steve Jobs, the entrepreneur who started the company, lost it and then regained the initial glory and magnified it. In the past, he created hacking devices and is known for his infamous prank calls to the Pope. This self-made billionaire is worth 4.4 billion dollars and counting.


3. Michael Dell

Michael Dell started taking apart computers and rebuilding them as an experiment. He got enrolled in a university in Texas where he started to sell the computers he built on his own. Once he realized how successful his business was becoming, he dropped out and started working full-time. He is among the top 10 richest men in the United States and is worth over $15.5 billion.


4. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren was born Ralph Lifschitz. He changed his last name at 16 as he felt that it would be more appropriate when he became successful. This ambitious young man dropped out of a college in New York and after working as a salesman for a few years, he launched his label, “Polo”. Ralph Lauren is worth over $3.6 billion.


5. Marc Zuckerberg

Marc Zuckerberg is the founder of everybody’s favorite social networking website- Facebook. He started the website along with his roommates in Harvard after he realized that he loved creating computer programs. This 23 year old was voted the youngest billionaire by Forbes magazine and is worth over 1.5 billion dollars.


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