Top 10 Most Powerful Countries

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A number of political science surveys have said that the following countries are the most powerful today:

1. The United States of America

This country is the largest economy today and has the strongest army as well as a very powerful democracy. It is also said to be a superpower and its media is very influential as well. It has built itself and its power ever since it gained independence and is only getting more powerful. The country controls international relations and is a part of a number of influential bodies.


2. Russian Federation

The Russian Federation has the second most powerful army and controls a number of states in the Central Asian area. It has a very large population and immense world area. These factors allow it to stay independent and prevent external forces from meddling in the political, economic and financial issues of the country. Because of its size, Russia has the resources to become a superpower.


3. Peoples Republic of China

Peoples Republic of China is said to have the 4th largest GNP in the world. It has gained supremacy only recently over Britain and France. It has a large army and immense potential to become the most powerful country in the world.


4. France

France is a part of the UN Security Council and is said to be the fifth most powerful country in the world. It is a great nuclear power and influences many African nations. The French have a large army which helps in maintaining law and order. It is a G7 economy and part of the European Union.


5. Britain

Britain is part of the UN Security Council as well. It has powerful nuclear weapons and the democracy is considered to be the most stable as well. As a G7 economy and as a leading country in areas like music, films and media, the country has immense influence when it comes to world politics. It is a part of the European Union as well.


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  • Tony

    I think USA-1 russia-2 china-3 uk-4 germany-5 france-6 india-7 japan-8 isreal-9 pakistan-100

  • vinu

    pakistan must not be on the list
    dont know who have made this list
    pakistan dont deserve to be there
    someone tell them to erase pakistan details from there

  • abhi

    i surely agree with what nishant said you pakistani beg in front of USA for almost everything an what nadeem has written is all false and it seems to me that he dont have any knowledge about global relations and indo-pak war histories
    for your kind info india has beaten pakistan in every war and in kargil war you cheated us and trespassed in our nation like terrorists

  • nadeem

    sorry abhi you oppened my eyes and you r right that i dont know anything about global relations afterall i m only in 10th class….


  • xXtremexX

    For all Indians…
    Indai cant even make a missile properly how can the be in this list.
    If every1 remembers indias missile failed couple of months before..
    And pakistan is and nuclear and atomic state
    if it was a weak country america or any other count could have taken over itt..
    so how can u say that it is a weak country..
    Pakistan air force used to train the United Arab Emirates air force
    PAkistan army is in Africa to help the victims…
    Pakistan have the suppourt of China and Iran
    And Iran should be in this list
    because even america is scared of them.,……………..
    Thats why for me this should be the list
    9-Korea(south and north)

  • Abhi

    Sorry to you too nadeem.
    I have seen this video… where indian minister said that Pakistan is far ahead of India in nuclear missiles and devices. Infact india shuld not be in this list if we are talking about misssiles or nuclear technology. many times india failed to explode its devices… i totally agree india should not be in this list..

  • Ebad

    Why some Of you Idiots think Pakistan should Not be in the List
    You People know nothing and Open Your Mouths Against Pakistan
    Yes there are some Problems But Those Problems Would be solved
    Very soon……….

    Why some of your compare Pakistan And India
    As India is 23times bigger and 8times greater in Population Than Pakistan?
    And Please Think 100 times before Speaking…..Thanks…….Always Think Positive….

  • rumman

    indian and pakistani both not logical.
    they don’t understand what is a powerfull nation

  • rumman

    i think
    1. Russia
    2. China
    3. America
    4. India
    5. Pakistan

  • rumman

    please change the indian flag, because this is not a right picture.

  • Rumman

    East & West india is the best.

  • ture indian

    first win the cricket match against india and then talk about wars

  • anny

    according to me
    1. USA
    2. Russia
    3. China
    4. India
    5. England
    6. Japan
    7. Germany
    8. France
    9. Brazil

  • Rumman

    USA is not a powerful country. Because, they always attack’s on the weak & poor country.

  • Aafaq

    Well all the well wishers of India should know some of the Basics of a Powerful Country…..
    Well a powerful country should have one of the best armed forces, should be one of the wealthiest, economically strong, technically advanced and others aspects like this.
    Well you can’t judge any country if she beats the other in a cricket match would be more powerful. Surely India knocked out Pakistan in World T20 in 2007 but what had happened to India in 2009. Was she not Enough Powerful to suppress Pakistan by winning the T20 WORLD CUP 2009…….. Surely we can’t recognize any country powerful on the basics of beating a cricket match.
    Point # 2. Japan was not an atomic power when America crushed japan with 2 Atomic Bombs on Heroshemma and Nagasakki. But they raised from Ashes and even there in the list. If powerful countries r judged by wars held between them then surely this list provider is a bloody sick placing Japan name’s in the world’s most Powerful Countries in the World.
    Point#03. Now if we talk about best armed forces everyone knows India has one of the largest army in the World but that doesn’t mean that it is strong too. Strong armed forces are capable of maintaining a level of success in calculated period of time. Well Pakistani army is being successful in United Nations Peacekeeping Missions and also in different operations taken domestically.

    Well not to talk all in favor I admit that one the main positive aspect of India is their great uprising economy which makes it stand in the list.
    Point#03. Also Pakistan is advanced than India in building High targeted Nuclear weapons and missile systems.

    Point#04. U Indians all know that u r also suffering from your inter regional crisis and your’s so-called “INTIHAA-PASAND JAMAAETAIN” i.e. “MR.SHIV SEENA” etc and people like this. So is that not ur poor side.

    Point#05. If Pakistan is not begging for food. It is just an Aid action for the poor and needy people affected by the recent floods leaked by INDIA…
    If u call this begging than in every 3 r 4 Months your PM Manmohan Singh goes out for a trip to US to strengthen your Nuclear weapon and also the same statement is raised by ur Pm in he 36th G8 conference…. Is this not a big begging for a bad cause if our’s is for good cause to overcome a bad cause created by u,……

    FEEL the SHAME,,,,,



    India never invaded any country in her last 100000 years of history.

    India exports software to 90 countries.

    The world’s first university was established in Takshila in 700 BC. More than 10,500 students from all over the world studied more than 60 subjects.

    Chess was invented in India.

    Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus are studies, which originated in India.


    Martial Arts were first created in India, and later spread to Asia by Buddhist missionaries.

    Sushruta is regarded as the Father of Surgery. Over2600 years ago Sushrata & his team conducted complicated surgeries like cataract, artificial limbs, cesareans, fractures, urinary stones, plastic surgery and brain surgeries.



    India provides safety for more than 300,000 refugees originally from Sri Lanka, Tibet, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, who escaped to flee religious and political persecution.



  • Nadeem

    @ True Indian

    You said that first Pakistan win cricket match and then talk about war..

    I want to ask you, you are stupid or what let me update your information…Pakistan have 70% win record against India.

    Pakistan have produced more number of superstarts than any country in the world…

    Pakistan Paindabad


    India is one of the few countries in the World, which gained independence without violence.
    India has the second largest pool of Scientists and Engineers in the World.
    India is the largest English speaking nation in the world.
    India is the only country other than US and Japan, to have built a super computer indigenously.

  • true indian

    who said pakistan has a 70% win record against india for your kind info go and see the ICC cricket records its all vice versa
    pakistani people always win cricket match by cheating Example: Ball tampering, match fixing, doping , sledging etc

  • aimal khan watan yar

    i am pashtoon which has history in the world but now if they are not this page because all the world trying to destroy and divide the bravest pashtoon because they know if they became one and than their will be no other nation in the world

  • Rumman

    India & Pakistan biggest custmer for purchansing different type of weapon, like Fighterplan, Tank, Missile etc.

    So, Western country’s don’t want India & Pakistan become freind, becuase if they are freind. Western country’s based weapon selling work down.

    and this is affected to Western Economy.

  • xXtremexX

    Guys… Guys….Guys…..
    Man pakistan and India cant be friends until there is politic games and corruption in our countries…..
    Why are we indo-pak fighting.
    Man we are neighbours we should be like a family just because of our polititions there is fighting between us

    DWIJEN VYAS algebra and all the maths terms were invented by greeks or arabs
    if u dont believe me go to wikipedia
    and over 2000 years pakistan and india were one country so how can u tell that india invented it..
    if its that then even i can say moghul empire is from pakistan,the taj mahal is made by pakisatanis.
    so just dont take all the credit for india
    all the things were introduced by indo-pak which lead to european invasion so…………..

  • Rumman

    Mr. xXtremexX mughal was not from pakistan OK.

  • Rumman

    because pakistan creat in 1947.

  • xXtremexX

    exactly thats what i am saying…..
    that dont say india invented everything 2000 years ago
    when both countries were one…..

  • true indian


  • Ebad

    Please no more fighting in between Pakistan and India
    Lets make friendship and think for the betterment of both countries
    This is our weakness
    As we know
    How British Empire Ruled us For 200 years through the Game of
    ”Divide And Rule”

    Now if any one other than Pak and Ind commented any wrong statement
    then we all should Answer them
    And fuck them out of Here

    Do any one agree with me

  • xXtremexX

    yup i agree……..

  • true indian

    me tooo

  • Rumman

    yes, I agree with you.

  • american

    i agree with this least except for pakistan i know what your all saying they have millitary power but they begg us ( im from the united states ) for money all the time we just donated 500,000,000 millions dolloars in aid added on to the billions more we already donated. they shouldnt be put on the list because they have millitary power ( wich the united states doesnt approve of and wishes she would get rid of there nuclear weapons) in this countrie we consider pakistan
    a 3rd world countrie. and inoticed some of you made your own list saying that usa was below russia and chine first of all russias a strong countrie but usa millitary is much stronger that goes the same for chine the may have the most troops in the world but we out number them on tech. ships and are weapons are much stronger and more advanced but we would never goto war with these countries because a super power facing a super power could cause horribley disaster that would destroy much smaller countires like haiti in the proses and we are both equiped with nukes wish would…… well i think you guys no what would happen.
    here is my list

    1. usa
    3. china
    4. uk
    6. germany
    7. india
    8. japan
    9. brazile
    10. turkey

  • prathap

    everything is okay…..why pakistan is in powerfull countries list…….it should be in worlds wierd countries list……..pakistan s*cks

  • Ebad

    You American Idiots
    Ask the one who is expert and listed here the Powerful Countries

    Every American think he is the only Powerful Man in the universe and sitting in the home and Making his own lists according to his own choice

    (Barking Dogs Seldom Bite)

  • Rumman

    Mr. American if US is most Powerful in country in the world, so why US done this :-

    1. Why they use First & Last Nuclear Attack, against any country (JAPAN).

    2. Why they Created Taliban against Russia (USSR).

    3. Why they attack on IRAQ ? Becuase your president was sad that, Iraq developing the Nuclear BOMB and also developing the Chemical BOMB etc. IF they developed it, so where is, this types of weapon in IRAQ.

  • Hamza

    In my oppinion PAKISTAN is on first rank .

  • Nadeem

    All Amercians are just idiots…

    If they say they have stronger army then why they failed in Afghanistan… Everything has done by Pakistan army.

    And some bloody idiots says Pakistan should not be in this list.. From those people i would like to ask, r u stopid or what???…you just have to learn first, how to explode a messile.. experiment many times but failed to explode…go to some wetern countries and learn or come to Pakistan we will teach you how to explode nukes….

    Why Pakistan should not be in this list… when our neighbour accepts that Pakistan is far a head of us in nuclear warheads…

    And i do agree with some of comments that Pakistan & India is huge market for Westenrns to sell their weapons.. If Pakistan & India would become freinds (Which is not possible), western would starting eating grass…

    We would like to live in peace and also want our neibghours to be in peace… in any case Pakistan is ready to fight with any of his enemy…

    Hence, Pakistan is one of the most powerfull countries on Universe….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  • Indian

    those who doubt India’s progress have very little or no knowledge of countries other than their own…but soon they will know about it when India will become a superpower…

  • Mohamed haris

    As per latest information , india is in 4th can check in web . And pakistan is the one of failed nation among 4, other countries are afghanistan , congo and somalia,
    once check and see…

  • lokesh bhakri

    i totally believe in above stats


    uk should be above france and russia

  • Bpb

    1.USA – leading world superpower, no dispute here.
    2. China – huge population, manpower, production and economy. Possibly most independant nation.
    3. Germany – suprising but true. Probably the largest force in Europe, millitarily and finantially. The wars have not held them back much, they were over 50 years ago now. Strange that so many overlook this country, the heart of Europe.
    4. United Kingdom – small area however a central global economy. Centre for media and arts, still has a fairly strong navy, relative to powers below, is a nuclear power however nukes don’t really matter, now we have SDI and nukes are a last resort weapon… Also very good foreign affairs, links to austrailia and Canada as well as the USA, not to mention part of European union.
    5. France – same reasons as UK really, better in some areas, worse in others.
    6. India – population, production, finances, millitary. A strong country.
    7. Russia – why so low? Thing is nukes don’t really count in today’s world, how often do you see nukes used today? Or ever? They are a backwards country and a spent force, large land counts for nothing, most of it is forest and swamp and tundra, not very useful.
    8. Japan – large Asian power, slightly declining but still powerful, good industry finance and a very modern country with a democracy and stable foundings.

    I don’t want disputes for 9 and 10. Those are my top 8 but after that it gets too close to call really. Close up are Pakistan, Spain, brazil, possibly turkey but turkeys economy is so unstable it’s barely worth it.

    However it’s all pointless really as these countries will never match against each other. Is china really gonna send huge amounts of troops over to France in boats?!? It would never work. These days there are so few wars compared to historical times, and all for the better really.

  • http://google ali

    i am amazed to see pakistan in this list.please correct this list because a country which is all his history just serviving from aid and begging how could be in this list.

  • Mukti(rkl)

    This is my list 1.USA ,2.INDIA, 3.CHINA, 4.RUSSIA, 5.FRANCE, 6.UK, 7.JAPAN, 8.GERMANY, 9PAKISTAN, 10.BRAZIL I think all are agree for this list,in this list pakistan has no chance for stay in this list if it happens because their for nuclear bomb,here i want to clear that never says that compairsion between india and pakistan beacuse only india will comparision with USA and CHINA,lets see all of the world after 8 to 12 years india push back the USA and india keep the No.1 position and remember worlds people “This Century will know as indian century”

  • Iqbal

    instead of fighting India and Pakistan, You should reunite there is no India and Pakistan in fact. Main continent is India and people should combine as a unity to become a superpower …….

  • http://ton james

    1 USA.
    2 china.
    3 Russia.
    4 France
    5 U K
    6 pakistan.
    7 indai
    8 israil
    9 turkey
    10 North Korea

  • karthik

    analysis of both military and economic powers by order
    These countries were stable in economic and rising military strenth daybyday.

  • aftab khan

    what’s wrong with u id**ts and specially with those indians , indians are strong economically but only limited to some states only , internally most of their people are hungry , while some of their people which thy call neech zaat eat rats to survive , their missle tachnology is weaker then pakistan , and yes specially for american ya we ask for money but not begging , the reason why american’s r paying for their own interest only , in order to keep an eye on china and iran closely , also to fulfill their illegal means in afghanistan ,cause they r failed! so now they are paying pakistan army to cover their failure , so whats the big deal if americans are paying , paying for what ? for their own intrest , amazing ! u all id**ts doesnt know the history behind wat happens now in pakistan , is just because of india , russia , isreal and usa .

  • Nadeem

    Rightly said aftab,,,,,

    75% indian population does not earning bread of even one time per day.
    Bumbai have the most largest slums in the world and 60% population spenting thier nights on footpaths… shame on you indians first give roofs, and food to those 75% hunger population and then talk about becoming superpower…

    indians are day dreamer, how you can become super power when you even does not know how to explode a messile… r u crazy?? or what??

    Pakistan is far maore stronger than india, yes indian economy is on rise at the moment, but it does not mean that you will become super power… tell me on which basis you will become superpower??? on ur lazy army or your nukes.which you evern cannot explode… colse ur eyes and wake up india…. you are lacking far behind in power game….

    Pakistan Paindabad