Top 10 Most Feared Despots

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There are several despots in history who were most feared because of their utter lack of mercy and the means employed by them to achieve their aim come what may. Below we see the list of the top 10 most feared despots in the world.


1. Tamerlane (Timur)

Timur (1336–1405) spent his life gaining control over the inhabitants of Asia. A Turk, his main aim was to make Samarkhand, his capital a powerful place in Asia. He was well known for destroying enemies and gaining foothold into strange lands. He massacred huge populations without showing any mercy. He destroyed entire cities and built structures using the skulls of people who were killed.


2. Ivan the Terrible

Ivan was a cruel ruler who did his best to expand the land of Russia. He was suspected of suffering from mental instability. He was known to be very cruel and employed devious means to attain his goals. His troop of personal body guards were called the oprichniki, who massacred his enemies and answered him only. He is also known to have killed many of his wives and his son in an act of fury.


3. Maximillien Robespierre

Robespierre was responsible for turning France into a police state and masterminding the Reign of Terror. He sent his enemies to the guillotine without trying them or offering representation legally. About 300,000 people were imprisoned under his reign and another 40,000 French men and women died in prison. The slaughter ended only after he was killed.


4. Joseph Stalin

Stalin was the totalitarian leader from 1929–53 and with is known for crushing the people of Soviet Russia with his communist principles. He was called the “man of steel” and he sent many people to labor camps just because they did not accept his communist policies. Several ethnic groups were executed under his reign. Many people died of executions, starvations and entry into labor camps during his rule.


5. Adolf Hitler

Between 1933 and 45, Hitler controlled Germany and is known as the most chilling tyrant. His criminality became evident when he started suppressing people of non-Germanic origin and tortured them badly. He was also solely responsible for the slaughter of the gypsies, homosexuals, communists and another 6 million Jews. He nurtured an ambition to rule the world and was one of the most feared despots in history.


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