Top 10 Best Selling Cars and Trucks

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6. Honda Civic

Honda Civic is the bestselling car model in the U.S ever since its launch in 1973 at the time of the first oil crisis. It comes with several trim levels, two body configurations, a hybrid version and two or four cylinder engine choices providing customers with many possibilities of prices and choices. The starting price range of this model is $16,015.


7. Nissan Altima

This car was introduced in the U.S. in 1993 and it comes in sedan and coupe varieties. While the sedan has four trim levels, the coupe has 2 levels. This car is presently assembled in U.S. plants. This mid size car is powered by a V-6 engine using one of the two transmissions. The starting price of this car is $20,620.


8. Dodge Ram

This model was used as truck until its remodeling in 1994. It comes with a sturdy exterior and is offered with V6 or V8 engines, several trim levels and bed lengths. The 3500 and 2500 heavy duty versions have also contributed to the increased sales figures. Its starting price is $22,420.


9. Ford Fusion

This car comes with all wheel or front wheel options and with four trim levels. You can find this car in a whole new look starting 2010. It is available with two transmissions and two engines. You can also buy the hybrid version. The starting price of this vehicle is $19,995.


10. Honda CR-V

In 1997, the CR-V was the best entry-level SUV in the U.S. Consumers can choose between the all wheel or front wheel options and between three trim levels. It has only one transmission and one engine. It undeniably offers great comfort and utility and ideal for use by women also. It comes with a starting price of $21,955.

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