Top Ten Best Comfort Foods

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When you have had a hard day and a warm bath does not help, you do what you know best- you eat! Here is a list of the top 10 comfort foods which can help you stay in a better mood all through the day.


1. Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese is easy to make (all you have to do is heat the noodles and add the powdered cheese) and it will make you feel better almost instantly. They are addictive and you will want to keep shoveling the yummy mixture into your mouth till the exhaustion or sadness subsides!


2. Chocolate

Chocolate is undoubtedly the best comfort food. The chemicals that it releases into your brain will get rid of any trace of sadness, depression, guilt or loneliness. The tiny problem here is that there is no end to it! No matter how much you eat- you will always want more!


3. Soup

As they say, chicken soup goes straight to the soul and fixes all the glitches and problems! What’s more, it’s healthy and will fill you up. Therefore, if you are tired after a long grueling day at work, boil some homemade chicken soup and slurp your troubles away!


4. Ice-cream

A pint of ice-cream to dig into along with a best-friend by your side is the best combination for an evening after a long day. Add some chocolate sauce, sprinkles and walnuts and you’re good to go!


5. Doritos

Doritos are orange-flavored, spicy and delicious! As is true with any other item of junk food, it is fairly easy to forget how much one has eaten. Hence, if you are very sad, eat half a bag and if you need a friend but none of them are free- eat the whole bag!


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