Top Ten Rain Forests

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You can enter the richest habitat on earth by stepping into a rain forest. There are several amazing rain forests around the world and the following are the top 10 most popular rain forests where you can see the interdependency of plant and animal life.


1. Daintree, Australia

Daintree is known as the rainforest that meets the reef. This place is situated in Northern Queensland and has the rarest species of flora and fauna on earth. You can find several varieties of butterfly, bat, frog and other reptile species in this place. These forests date back to 135 million years and the scenic beauty of this place has to be seen to be believed.


2. Equador’s cloud forests

The cloud forests of Equador can transport you to another place. You can see the cloud forests extending on both parts of the Andes and it is noted for its bio diversity especially comprising birds of rare species. The mist and the lush green forests have a beautiful collection of orchids and other flower varieties and birds.


3. The Amazon Rainforests

These forests spread to nine countries but most of it lies in Brazil. Being the biggest rain forest in the world the Amazon rain forest has the richest bio diversity found anywhere. You can find a rich collection of beautiful plants, animals, and bird and fish varieties here. Reptile and mamal species can also be found in this exotic forest area.


4. Alaska’ rainforests

The Alaskan rainforests are the largest temperate rainforests and you can take a trip to places such as Chilkoot inlet, where lush growth is seen amidst the majestic mountains. You can also see the biggest variety of Bald eagles in this place.


5. Sapo national Park, Liberia

If you wish to see virgin rain forest at its best then Sapo is the place to go. The temperature and humidity makes it quite difficult to reach this part of the earth. Flesh eating organisms can be found in the forest area and malaria is also a risk factor in this place. However, Sapo is truly beautiful. You can see rain forests in every part of this region without the rubber trees that mostly grow in rural parts of Liberia.


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